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Water Leak Detection

ShareRidge Ltd. offers a professional leak detection service for County Councils, Town and City Councils, local authorities, hospitals, schools, colleges and other public organisations and institutions. Water leak detection is also available for group water schemes, on behalf of consulting engineers or mechanical and civil contractors, and for private clients such as industrial estates, hotels and shopping centres.

Leak Detection & Water Conservation

Modern leak detection surveys use a combination of manual and electronic methods to ensure a fast, reliable and cost-effective detection of water leaks and associated problems. We use the latest electronic equipment such as correlators, ground microphones and data loggers to survey underground pipework. In addition, experienced engineers may perform visual inspections, valve checks and step testing to identify and confirm problem areas.

Once water leakage or water leak problems have been identified, we offer a range of services to repair the issue and help conserve water for future use. ShareRidge are specialists in pipe replacement technology, including trenchless methods of replacing old or leaking lead pipe networks. We also have experience in installation of water metering systems to help save water.

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Installation of drilling rig, Old Mervue Lead Distribution project, Galway  Radio detection G2 locating system, Old Mervue Lead Distribution project, Galway

Installation of drilling rig, Old Mervue Lead Distribution project, Galway  Carrying out drilling works, Old Mervue Lead Distribution project, Galway